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Eric (varble)
United States - Texas - Georgetown
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Thanks for stopping by! I mostly tinker with my cube and update my casual decks occasionally. I came in around Onslaught and have been drafting at least once per set for a while so the tinkering is pretty constant.
  For 6 or less cards I typically send in plain envelopes with toploaders, although you can cajole me into First Class if you like.
  When trading up expect to offer extra. I'll offer the same back at you. :)
Most of the cards that have no edition I uploaded in bulk, so the condition is probably different for those. I will let you know when we start trading.
  I will also gladly buy or sell cards, and there are a few tokens I am looking for as well as foil basics and of course Zendikar lands.

Tokens wanted:
2x 1/1 R Elemental
1x 3/3 G Elephant
14x 1/1 G Saproling
3x 1/1 W/R Soldier
2x 1/1 G Elf Warrior
1x 5/5 W Giant Warrior
1x 2/2 W Griffin w/ Flying
1x 0/1 U Homunculus
5x 1/1 G Insect
1x 2/4 B Spider w/ Reach
5x 1/1 W Cat Soldier
5x 2/2 U Bird Enchantment Creature w/ Flying
5x 1/1 W Soldier Enchantment Creature
5x 2/2 B Zombie Enchantment Creature
5x 3/1 R Elemental Enchantment Creature
5x 3/3 G Centaur Enchantment Creature
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