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Joel Knowlton (wonderdog79)
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United States - Illinois - Bloomington
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Howdy yall,

PSA: I love to trade and I have a rather large collection. While I take pride in having my collection updated correctly, I do occasionally make a mistake in my inventory. If you are going to be a jerk and question my integrity (especially when you are new to the site and its over two 50c cards), yes I am probably going to call you a dillhole. Therefore, I have my first negative feedback. If my 750+ positive trades where people I work with are understanding (as I am if you read the feedback I get) do not convince you that 1 dillhole giving negative feedback is wrong, then you are probably not going to want to trade with me.

When proposing a trade, leave your side blank as my top priorities change often.

I trade on this site because it is easy. Is the pricing always accurate? No, but it generally is good enough. This means I do not use TCG nor SCG when I trade on this site. There are too many people out there that are going to check each pricing site to find a trade in their favor. I am not going to play those games. If you ask to use another pricing site, I will cancel the trade. Probably even without an explanation since you should have read this profile first. I don't need to trade with you. There are plenty of people out there that want the same cards you do.

I will trade anything on my trade list for anything on my wish list as long as the values are roughly equal. The only exception is Very high priced cards. everyone wants them and I am going to be more picky when trading them.

Trading up? Sure! Trading down?? Sure!!! Cards are cards. If I have stuff you want but you don’t have stuff I need....well I will take your staples but no promises on misc. cards. I don’t like elitist traders (people who think modern and legacy cards are more special than standard). Does standard keep its value, no. However if you want standard cards then you have to trade them for current prices.

I usually ship in a pwe (plain white envelope) with a penny sleeve and a top loader. If the trade is $20-30 or more or if the number of cards is 8 or more, I will ship in a bubble mailer with tracking. If you have less than 20 confirmed trades I will ask that you send first. If the trade is ~$5 I will probably simu-send. I mean come on! It's $5.

I don’t trade out of the US. except maybe to Canada if it is less than 8 cards.

I am looking to trade 4 mm2 dark confidants to Ravnica ones

Largest trades to date: 4 $500+ trades; 2 4000+ card trades

Happy Trading!
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