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Joel Knowlton (wonderdog79)
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Howdy yall,

As i revise my profile to be a seller only account i must keep the one statement that has become what everyone comments about:


This shipping service rocks! http://www.paypal.com/shipnow

PSA: I love to trade and I have a rather large collection. While I take pride in having my collection updated correctly (card availability and condition), I do occasionally make a mistake in my inventory. If you are going to be a jerk and question my integrity (especially when you are new to the site and its over two 50c cards), yes I am probably going to call you a dillhole. I WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY! So let act like mature people and resolve the issues without questioning intention. My trade record speaks for itself.

This account is now only a seller account. I am willing to trade as long as it is worth my time. This means if you want something i have but nothing i want, I will trade up and/or trade for a premium. Since i do not have a wishlist and will take any cards of value, i am going to ask for a premium because this is a favor to you. I am going to ask that you pay for my postage in the form of extra value and we come to a mutual acceptable %. I will take your staples and lands but no promises on misc. cards.

I sell on this site because it is easy. Is the pricing always accurate? No, but it generally is good enough. If there is a pricing issue, bring it up to me and let's come to a resolution together.

I don’t sell to anyone out of the US.

Happy Trading!
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Force of Negation
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Gemstone Mine
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