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Joel Knowlton (wonderdog79)
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Howdy yall,

The more I trade, the more of a curmudgeon I become. WARNING: If you do not respond to a trade after my second attempt to chat, I am going to block you, I just don't want to waste time on people who don't respond. New peeps, remember to say something when proposing a trade. In real life, you don't just walk up to someone and throw cards down and point at what you want.

This shipping service rocks!

FOR THOSE PURCHASING FROM ME: First, Thank you! Second i am finding that some of my older cards are not in the condition listed. if you have any questions about condition, i am happy to check the cards first (large quantity orders this may be quite and undertaking so be patient). I do not want you to be unhappy with your purchase, so send me a message and i will check them before you purchase them. I am also willing to work with you if they are not what you hoped.

PSA: I love to trade and I have a rather large collection. While I take pride in having my collection updated correctly (card availability and condition), I do occasionally make a mistake in my inventory. If you are going to be a jerk and question my integrity (especially when you are new to the site and its over two 50c cards), yes I am probably going to call you a dillhole. I WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY! So let act like mature people and resolve the issues without questioning intention. My trade record speaks for itself.

I am willing to trade as long as it is worth my time. This means if you want something i have but nothing i want, I will trade up and/or trade for a premium.. If the cards are on my wishlist, I do NOT expect a premium because I want those cards. I know this seems like an arrogant thing but since I am really doing you a favor and it is costing me time and postage, I don't think this is too much to ask. I am also not going to set a minimum on this (ie it has to be 10% in my favor) because I am not a dillhole. I am really just wanting to cover my costs. I will take your staples and lands but no promises on misc. cards.

I don’t like elitist traders (people who think modern and RL cards are more special than other formats). I understand some cards are exceptions like power and duals but your conch horn is not cooler than my Karn.

*If a standard card is on my wishlist, it is just a place holder. I am not actively looking for that card. So don't propose me a trade with them in it, unless it is filler.*

I trade on this site because it is easy. Is the pricing always accurate? No, but it generally is good enough. This means I do not use TCG nor SCG when I trade on this site unless there is a huge mistake. There are too many people out there that are going to check each pricing site to find a trade in their favor. I am not going to play those games. If you ask to use another pricing site, I might cancel the trade.

I am really only looking for trades that are $30 or more. I will ship in a bubble mailer with tracking. If you have less than 20 confirmed trades I will ask that you send first.

I don’t trade out of the US.

Largest trades to date: 4 $500+ trades; 2 4000+ card trades

Sealed product for sale or trade:
Challenge Deck: Defeat a god
Premium Deck Series: Graveborn
Duel Deck: Mind vs Might
Prerelease Kits:
  ixalan x2
  hour of devastation x2

Sealed product I am looking for:
Anthologies (not the new Anthology sets)
Battle Royale
Commander's Arsenal
Commander 2011:
  Heavenly Inferno
  Devour for Power
Planechase 2009:
  Elemental Thunder
  Metallic Dream
  Strike Force
  Zombie Empire
Planechase 2012:
  Night of the Ninja
  Primordial Hunger
  Savage Auras
  Assemble the Doomsday Machine
  Trample civilization Underfoot
  Scorch the World with Dragonfire
  Bring About the Undead Apocalypse
Commander 2014:
  Forged in stone
Duel decks:
  Ajani v Nicol Bolas
  Elspeth v Tezzeret
  Divine v Demonic (old)
  Jace v Chandra (old)
  Elves v Goblins (old)
Premium deck series:
From the Vault:
Booster boxes:
and anything older than that

Happy Trading!
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