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Mostly an EDH player who enjoys Draft and competitive modern


By agreeing to trade with me, you release me from any responsibility of what the post office may do to the cards.
For trades under $40 I use a top loader and envelope & for trades above I will use a bubble mailer and DC.

Because it has happened alot recently, please don't offer me stacks of standard cards for fetches, or high value EDH staples, I will decline every time.

I do not like trading down unless theres value on your end. Sorry I dont see a point to trade  a $20-$30 card for 5-6 $5 cards. Also I don't really enjoy cross format trading unless there's value. We all know the value of  a $30 card in standard will drop once it rotates to eternal formats if it is not already seeing modern play.

Looking for Pre-release promos of
Sword of Kaldra
Shield of Kaldra
Helm of Kaldra
2004 Era FMN and Arena Promos
-Happy Trading
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