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Joshua A (xeroshifter)
United States - Washington - Vancouver
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Quick Note: New to Deckbox coming from Deckedbuilder so the condition on cards on my collection has yet to be evaluated. Its a lot of cards so I expect it will be that way for QUITE some time. I'll double check conditions before confirming trades and can even take a few pictures on anything worth over $15. Most of my cards are in LP or NM condition as I generally open the cards and if they're valuable I sleeve them right away and stick them into storage.

I'm an EDH player who likes to know exactly what they have at any given time, and an obsessive deck builder. I'll play any color combination, and my person preference tends to be to build decks that stray a bit from the EDHRec standard, usually with an alternate sub-theme.

Trading With Me:

-- I'm not loking to do the run-around where we look at 10 different price sources to see what the best deal is for one side of the trade. I am fine to use Deckbox but most of the time I'm going to personally confirm it against TCGplayer mid.
-- I'm generally not looking to down trade a $20 card into 10 $2 cards. I just buy $2 cards most of the time. Heck I just buy $10 cards most of the time. These are fine if they're on my Wishlist or as filler to make up the last few dollars in a trade discrepancy but generally if I'm downtrading I want to be getting multiple cards above $10 for my $40 (or whatever) card.

-Trade & Wish Lists:
-- Almost anything in my collection is up for trade, as long as its not in a deck. I'll be adding my decks to Deckbox over the next little while. My trade list is the list of stuff that I figure people are actively looking for that I don't care about beyond its trade/dollar value.
-- My wish list consists of cards that I actively am looking to get for a deck I'm building. I'm not generally interested in getting cards so that I can sit on them for value, so if its here I actually want to play with it. I will of course trade for things outside my wishlist if they seem flexible or interesting enough to possibly go in a deck at some point. I will also pretty much always trade for high-value EDH staples. Even though they may get reprinted, having them around adds flexibility to my collection which itself is valuable to me so feel free to make an offer. I may not say yes but I'm not going to be offended by it.

-Card Condition:
-- As stated in the quick note, my collection doesn't currently have accurate condition information. Most cards are LP or NM though because most of them haven't been played with and were put into sleeves upon opening. I will confirm their condition before confirming the trade.
-- I am not interested in Heavily Played or Damaged cards.
-- When confirming condition on my cards I will be scrutinizing their surface under a bright light to see the tiny reflections of otherwise invisible scratches or dents. I am picky about what I call NM. Please scrutinize your cards heavily before trading a card as NM. I'm not here to be the condition police, but I've had people send cards (via other services) that were MP or even HP as LP, - and MP as NM. If you're labeling a card as LP or NM - to me that means that you've checked the surface reflection to see any small blemishes or scratches and then based upon what you found decided which of those two categories it belongs in.
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