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Todd (yearofglad)
United States - Oregon - Portland
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Up front, before you read the rest of my profile:

I know my trading rules (below) make it sound like I'm a pain in the ass, but I'm not, really - I just want trades to go smoothly and both trading partners to have a good experience.

I'm only looking for NM cards, with rare exceptions (older, high-end cards like duals, etc.)

I will NOT finalize a trade without seeing scans or photos of the cards I will be receiving - I don't care if the card is worth ten cents, ten dollars, or ten thousand dollars - I want to see the cards. I'm tired of receiving cards that are not in the advertised condition but not worth the time and postage to undo the trade.

We can negotiate and work out the trade details and once we're both happy with it, then exchange photos / scans.

If you don't want to take photos or scans, front and back, of what you'd like to send me, then I won't trade with you. It's simple.

I know this will reduce the number of trade offers and trades I do on the site, but it will also reduce the value I've lost in trading cards because of condition, as well as the frustration that comes with more than half the envelopes I open.

And of course, if you're sending me scans / photos, I'm more than willing to do the same.

I'll only trade Standard cards for Standard cards with certain rare exceptions.

I will cancel trades in which people don't respond for 48 hours. If you want to think about it, fine, let me know. But I want to keep things moving forward.

I am quick to respond to trades and appreciate when trading partners are as well.

[The best way to post photos, in my opinion, is through imgur:
1) Go to
2) Click on "New Post" in the upper left.
3) Drag your photos to the window that comes up.
No account necessary.]
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