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Canada - New Brunswick - Bathurst
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I have been collecting MTG since around Revised and am now deciding to sell a big portion of my collection.  I am focusing right now on listing my rare/mythic cards but have boxes and boxes full of uncommons, commons and basic lands. I have tons of cards so if there is something specific you're looking for feel free to ask me about it, it may be that I just haven't listed it yet. I stopped collecting MTG around Oath of the Gatewatch / Shadows Over Innistrad so anything more recent than these sets are cards that I do not have.
If you want photos of cards you are interested in or if you have any questions don't be shy to ask!
P.S I am more interested in selling my cards instead of trading. I will only consider trading if it is for something verrrrrry interesting!!

**Upon sale I reserve the right to re-negotiate prices or refund you if we can't come to an agreement!**
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Mana Drain
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2 $93.65Add to Cart
Force of Will
4 $80.00Add to Cart
Dark Confidant
3 $77.81Add to Cart
Snapcaster Mage
3 $77.81Add to Cart
Force of Will
9 $77.00Add to Cart
Force of Will
1 $75.00Add to Cart
Demonic Tutor
1 $44.00Add to Cart
Aether Vial
5 $39.00Add to Cart
Demonic Tutor
4 $35.55Add to Cart
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