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Forang Deathrattle
Type lineHero - Orc Warlock
RulesOn your turn: (3), Flip Forang
Forang deals 2 shadow damage to target hero or ally and heals 1 damage from himself for each damage dealt this way.
Cost / Att / H- / - / 28
Edition March of The Legion (Uncommon)
Users having Forang Deathrattle
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1 United States - Los Angeles
Latest decks using Forang Deathrattle
Name User Class / Hero
Warlock Trevor MacLeod     Forang Deathrattle
Warlock Control (red) ogilbeast     Forang Deathrattle
Warlock, Board Control solo     Forang Deathrattle
Affliction Orc kreten     Forang Deathrattle

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