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Main Deck - 61 cards, 31 distinct
Name  Type Classes Edition
Hero (1)
1 Forang Deathrattle Hero - Orc Warlock   March of The Legion
Weapon (2)
2 Touch of Unlife Weapon - Wand     Scourgewar
Armor (4)
1 Bloodbane's Fall Armor - Cloth            Scourgewar
1 Crimson Felt Hat Armor - Cloth     Through the Dark Portal
1 Dryad's Wrist Bindings Armor - Cloth      Fields of Honor
1 The Darkspeaker's Footpads Armor - Cloth     Scourgewar
Item (2)
1 Dying Curse Item     Naxxramas
1 Extract of Necromantic Power Item    Scourgewar
Ally (18)
1 "Acid Hands" McGillicutty Ally - Undead Rogue March of The Legion
2 "Fungus Face" McGillicutty Ally - Undead Priest March of The Legion
4 Boneshanks Ally - Undead Warrior Through the Dark Portal
3 Dark Archon Farrum Ally - Undead Priest Fields of Honor
2 Shadala Ally - Blood Elf Priest March of The Legion
2 Sivandra Darklust Ally - Undead Warlock Fields of Honor
2 Whitney Gravecaller Ally - Undead Death Knight Scourgewar
2 Ya'za the Vandal Ally - Troll Rogue Hunt for Illidan
Ability (20)
2 Bloody Ritual Ability - Affliction Protection    Drums of War
2 Clinging Curse Instant Ability - Affliction Curse   Hunt for Illidan
4 Cremate Ability - Destruction   Fields of Honor
4 Curse of Fatigue Instant Ability - Affliction Curse   Drums of War
2 Haunt Instant Ability - Affliction Talent   Scourgewar
1 Ritual Sacrifice Ability - Demonology   Through the Dark Portal
3 Shadow Burst Ability - Destruction   Scourgewar
2 Soulstone Ability - Demonology   Fields of Honor
Quest (12)
2 Hidden Enemies Quest Through the Dark Portal
2 Legendary Heroes Quest Fields of Honor
1 Preparing for War Quest Servants of The Betrayer
3 Rise and Be Recognized Quest Fields of Honor
2 The Blood is Life Quest March of The Legion
2 The Last Barov Quest Drums of War
Location (2)
2 Halaa Location - Objective Drums of War
Sideboard - 0 cards, 0 distinct
No cards here. :(

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