Lanthus of the Forest
Type lineAlly - Night Elf Druid
TagsNight Elf, Druid, Druid
RulesShadowmeld (Elusive and untargetable while ready.)
Exhaust target ally.
Cost / Att / H1 / 1 / 1
Edition Drums of War (Common)
Users having Lanthus of the Forest
Found 4 users
# Name Location
1 Portugal - Porto
16 Unknown location
2 United States - Peterborough
1 United States - Warrington
Latest decks using Lanthus of the Forest
Name User Class / Hero
Spirit of Redemption Classic Tournament Quality Boccia90     Katianna the Shrouded
Gyro of the Ring Uldor     Gyro of the Ring
Thrall Theophan     Bragvi Stormstein
kris's priest kreten     Katianna the Shrouded

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