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Main Deck - 61 cards, 21 distinct
Name  Type Classes Edition
Hero (1)
1 Bragvi Stormstein Hero - Dwarf Shaman   Worldbreaker
Ally (32)
4 Apprentice Merry Ally - Gnome Mage Through the Dark Portal
1 Apprentice Teep Ally - Gnome Mage Heroes of Azeroth
4 Grudum, Trove Guardian Ally - Dwarf Warrior Fields of Honor
3 Lanthus of the Forest Ally - Night Elf Druid Drums of War
4 Naan the Selfless Ally - Draenei Shaman Fields of Honor
4 Noxel Shroudhaggle Ally - Gnome Warlock Fields of Honor
2 Swift Ram Ally - Ram Scourgewar
4 Thrall, Guardian of the Elements Ally - Orc Shaman Twilight of the Dragons
2 Tiny Ally - Raptor Scourgewar
4 Woodsie Leafsong Ally - Night Elf Druid Drums of War
Ability (18)
2 Colossal Totem Ability - Enhancement   Icecrown
2 Frozen Frenzy Ability - Frost Enhancement    Twilight of the Dragons
4 Grounding Totem Ability - Enhancement   Drums of War
4 Gushing Totem Ability - Restoration   Wrathgate
2 Inferno Totem Ability Ally - Elemental   Twilight of the Dragons
4 Tuskarr Kite Ability            Scourgewar
Quest (10)
2 Blackout Quest Twilight of the Dragons
4 Seeds of Their Demise Quest Throne of the Tides
2 The Essence of Enmity Quest Worldbreaker
2 The Missing Diplomat Quest Heroes of Azeroth
Sideboard - 16 cards, 6 distinct
Name  Type Classes Edition
Hero (1)
1 Zaritha Hero - Draenei Shaman   Hunt for Illidan
Ally (6)
2 Nami Dabpox Ally - Gnome Warlock Worldbreaker
4 Shanis Bladefall Ally - Night Elf Death Knight Worldbreaker
Ability (5)
4 Wind Shear Instant Ability - Elemental   Scourgewar
1 Windguard Totem Ability Ally - Elemental   Throne of the Tides
Location (4)
4 Eye of the Storm Location - Battleground Fields of Honor

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