Power Word: Courage
Type lineArena Ability - Discipline
RulesPreparation (On your first turn, you may play this card without paying its cost.) Ongoing: Allies in your party have +1 health
Cost / Att / H3 / - / -
Edition Arena Grand Melee (Rare)
Users having Power Word: Courage
Found 2 users
# Name Location
2 Bulgaria - Plovdiv
4 Germany - Stuttgart
Latest decks using Power Word: Courage
Name User Class / Hero
Emek Darren Cruz     Emek the Equalizer
Koo'zar Zackery     Witch Doctor Koo'zar
Blue Aggro - Holy Priest dyadyaBOB     Katianna the Shrouded
Bloodtusk Eclipse fealuinix     Bloodtusk

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