Sava'gin the Reckless
Type lineAlly - Troll Druid
TagsTroll, Druid
RulesThis ally attacks opposing heroes and allies at random.

Stash (As this enters your resource row, you may have it enter face up. Immediately turn it face down.): Your hero deals 2 nature damage to target random opposing hero or ally.

Cost / Att / H3 / 8 / 1
Edition Worldbreaker (Rare)
Users having Sava'gin the Reckless
Found 1 users
# Name Location
1 United States - Binghamton
Latest decks using Sava'gin the Reckless
Name User Class / Hero
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May1 pixelsnob     Samaku, Hand of the Tempest
test2 NGR     Rohashu, Zealot of the Sun
test NGR     Suncaller Haruh
red token druid Vasily Chernonozhkin     Sumi'jin, Guardian of Cenarius

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