Type lineAbility - Demonology
RulesAttach to target ally.
Ongoing: When attached ally is destroyed, its owner may put it from his graveyard into play.
Cost / Att / H3 / - / -
Edition Fields of Honor (Uncommon)
Users having Soulstone
Found 2 users
# Name Location
4 Unknown location
2 Canada - Calgary
Latest decks using Soulstone
Name User Class / Hero
Warlock Trevor MacLeod     Forang Deathrattle
Copy of Xia Mitch    Xia, Queen of Suffering
Copy of Xia Thiago Coutinho    Xia, Queen of Suffering
Xia Uldor    Xia, Queen of Suffering
Warlock, Board Control solo     Forang Deathrattle

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