Wanton Warlord
Type lineQuest
RulesExhaust four cards you control to complete this quest.

Reward: Draw a card.

Cost / Att / H- / - / -
Edition Wrathgate (Common)
Users having Wanton Warlord
Found 2 users
# Name Location
2 Bulgaria - Sofiya-Grad
1 United States - Columbus
Latest decks using Wanton Warlord
Name User Class / Hero
Tree of Life korpi     Lanthus the Restorer
poison solo rogue korpi     Zimzi the Trickster
'Alah Din Joshua Harbour     Auralyn the Light of Dawn
Ruby Gemsparkle Uldor     Ruby Gemsparkle
Spellweaver Jihan -Ally Mage arrasis     Spellweaver Jihan

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