Woodsie Leafsong
Type lineAlly - Night Elf Druid
TagsNight Elf, Druid, Druid
RulesShadowmeld (Elusive and untargetable while ready.)
When Woodsie deals combat damage to an opponent's defending hero, you may destroy target ability or equipment he controls.
Cost / Att / H4 / 4 / 3
Edition Drums of War (Common)
Users having Woodsie Leafsong
Found 5 users
# Name Location
4 Unknown location
1 Bulgaria - Sofiya-Grad
2 United States - Peterborough
1 United States - Warrington
3 United States - Columbus
Latest decks using Woodsie Leafsong
Name User Class / Hero
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Copy of Druid Mitch     Gwon Strongbark
Druid Pyros     Gwon Strongbark
Gyro of the Ring Uldor     Gyro of the Ring
Thrall Theophan     Zaritha

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