This is a complete Legacy deck.
Approximate deck value: $459.80.
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# Name Type Cost 
Creature (3)
3 Creature - Snake $7.05
Instant (9)
4 Instant $0.36
1 Instant $0.11
4 Instant $2.60
Sorcery (9)
4 Sorcery $0.16
4 Sorcery $2.70
1 Sorcery $1.74
Artifact (23)
3 Artifact $4.63
1 Legendary Artifact $60.72
1 Artifact $0.14
4 Artifact $0.20
4 Artifact $1.14
4 Artifact $0.18
1 Artifact $0.25
1 Artifact $0.10
4 Artifact $0.11
Land (16)
1 Basic Land - Forest $0.18
4 Land $0.46
7 Basic Land - Island $0.20
4 Land $82.12
# Name Type Cost 
There are no cards in the sideboard.
Lotus Eggs
This version utilizes both Lotus Cobra and Lotus Bloom to double up on lotus effects so that it can afford whatever it draws, and still cast and recur spells such as Wargate and Reshape to fetch out important pieces or extra draw effects. This build tends to look at these two cards as a toolbox and has a variety of options available given the large amounts of mana it's able to produce. And with 15 cards that lead to 3 mana recursion in the deck, you have about the same chance having it in your opening 7 as you would a land. Lotus Cobra itself has great synergy with the other components of the deck. Ghost Quarter, Misty Rainforest, and Edge of Autumn all become mana ramp in addition to being mana recursion, and this helps with getting eggs in hand onto the board. This is the slowest of the 3 builds, but is more consistent in the early-mid combo.
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