This is a complete Modern deck.
Approximate deck value: $498.49.
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# Name Type Cost 
Creature (22)
4 Artifact Creature - Construct $0.14
4 Artifact Creature - Beast $21.24
4 Artifact Creature - Insect $0.15
4 Artifact Creature - Construct $1.25
3 Artifact Creature - Imp $0.38
3 Artifact Creature - Soldier $8.26
Instant (8)
4 Instant $1.48
4 Instant $0.23
Sorcery (3)
3 Sorcery $0.80
Artifact (3)
3 Legendary Artifact $60.72
Enchantment (4)
4 Enchantment $1.90
Land (20)
4 Artifact Land $2.48
3 Land $4.19
4 Land $9.25
4 Land $10.65
5 Basic Land - Plains $0.14
# Name Type Cost 
2 Instant $4.01
3 Artifact Creature - Human Cleric $4.78
3 Artifact Creature - Horror $2.26
3 Artifact Creature - Horror $16.00
4 Sorcery $0.63
This is a modular take on Tempered Steel making strong use of the various Arcbound creatures. The idea is that as creatures die they transfer their +1/+1 counters to the next available creature. This of course means that something has to stay alive on the field or it doesn't work out so well. Epochrasite is perfect pitch bait for Arcbound Ravager and Etched Champion can stave off most threats.

Tempered Steel is in the deck for pumping and it works great. Mox Opal, Glimmervoid and Rupture Spire contribute to the rainbow color pool. Galvanic Blast and Dispatch provide remove or direct damage as the case may be. Inkmoth Nexus rounds out the land base and it works very well with Tempered Steel pumping it providing an alternate win condition via infect. Thoughtcast finishes out the main deck providing a way to speed through the deck and deal more damage either directly or via aggro.

The sideboard is made up of problem removal via Surgical Extraction, Disenchant and Whipflare. As well as avoidance via Spellskite and Ethersworn Canonist.
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