This is a complete Legacy deck.
Approximate deck value: $79.26.
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# Name Type Cost 
Creature (21)
4 Creature - Snake $0.27
4 Artifact Creature - Myr $0.53
2 Creature - Insect Horror $0.42
4 Creature - Beast $0.15
3 Creature - Rat $0.20
4 Creature - Zombie $1.08
Instant (8)
4 Instant $1.14
4 Instant $0.15
Artifact (11)
3 Artifact $0.20
4 Artifact - Equipment $0.63
2 Artifact $0.15
2 Artifact $1.38
Land (20)
8 Basic Land - Forest $0.17
8 Basic Land - Swamp $0.10
4 Land $0.14
# Name Type Cost 
2 Artifact - Equipment $0.21
3 Instant $3.20
3 Creature - Horror $0.11
4 Artifact Creature - Snake $0.22
3 Instant $0.19
4 Instant $0.10
2 Artifact Creature - Myr $0.10
4 Creature - Zombie $0.10
4 Instant $0.79
3 Creature - Elemental $5.48
1 Artifact Creature - Myr $0.72
4 Artifact - Equipment $0.13
3 Artifact Creature - Shaman $0.17
3 Creature - Goblin Zombie $0.15
2 Instant $0.10
4 Artifact Creature - Hound $0.15
3 Creature - Horror $0.26
1 Artifact Creature - Construct $0.74
3 Creature - Horror $0.24
3 Legendary Creature - Dragon Skeleton $6.00
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  • zenatic ()

    Some cards I found might work well for your main setup:

    groundswell - not a game ender punch like untamed might, but 1 mana to get a possible +4/+4 is very efficient, next would be giant growth and vines of vastwood.  vines of vastwood will give some protection too.

    Those efficient greens are awesome with ichorclaw myr due to the fact that the opponent more than likely will take 1 poison instead of kill of a 3/3.  then for 1 mana, you can get a possible 5 poison counters in 1 hit

    Contagion Engine is nice, but contagion clasp might be a enough along with throne of geth, replace the contagion Engine with Livewire Lash - cast any one of the many instants on livewire lash equiped creature with infect, and you will do  as many poison counters for about 3 less mana, except not proliferating across all creatures.  or get rid of throne of geth and put in a livewire lash.

    Whispersilk Cloak would be a good one to squeeze in there too possibly...nothing like an unblockable shroud infect creature.

    Plague stingers are cheap and nasty, possibly add 2 more and pop off a cystbearer and maybe 1 tangle angler, that would improve your mana curve leaving you more mana later on for contagion clasp or equips.

    just some thoughts to toss around, we will have to play test the deck soon.

    • Pheonix29 ()
      Good ideas for the instants.  I'd probably put in vines of vastwood if I was going to change anything out.  I like untamed might because, as you said, it can set up the one shot kill, plus I own it.  Trying to put this deck together only using cards I own (hence only two plauge stingers).  I don't want to get too instant or artifact heavy as I've had bad luck with drawing all creatures or all equipment.I've done some test draws with the proliferate artifacts and it looks kinda interesting. Being able to sac clasp or engine after proliferating with throne to proliferate again can be pretty nasty.  Also being able to sac Ichorclaw with throne to proliferate after he's done damage is nice as well.I definitely will be switching out cyst or tangle for stinger after I order more of them.  I agree whispersilk would be nice, but I don't know what I'd take out to put it in.  I think I have a nice balance of cards right now.  We will definitely have to play test so I can see what needs to come out and what has to stay.
      • Pheonix29 ()
        Plus with the exception of dark ritual and some in my sideboard, I believe this is a standard deck and I can change that out with some of my leaden myrs for the mana ramp and play it as a standard deck.  No real reason I would need to, but I had the cards from the tourn and wanted to see what I could do since I've never built a standard deck.