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# Name Race
Type Cost 
Unit (18)
3 Orc Unit 0 + The Imperial Throne
3 Orc Unit 1 + Oaths of Vengeance
3 Orc Unit 1 + The Skavenblight Threat
3 Orc Unit 2 + Core Set
3 Orc Unit 4 + Vessel of the Winds
3 Orc Unit 6 + Core Set
Legend (3)
3 Orc Legend 3 + Battle for the Old World
Tactic (15)
3 Orc Tactic 0 + The Iron Rock
3 Orc Tactic 1 + Oaths of Vengeance
3 Orc Tactic 2 + Core Set
3 Orc Tactic 3 + Fiery Dawn
3 Orc Tactic 4 + Core Set
Support (14)
3 Orc Support 1 + Battle for the Old World
3 Orc Support 1 + Vessel of the Winds
3 Orc Support 2 + Bleeding Sun
2 Orc Support 2 + The Accursed Dead
3 Orc Support 3 + The Burning of Derricksburg
There are no cards in the sideboard.
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  • Tony ()

    I tried this deck out and it's honestly just a mess.  Directionless and very weak in combat.  I find it hard to believe it finished as high as it did considered how impotent it feels in combat.  You have one card that doles out damage to other cards (Baby Squig) and then 12 Units that would immediately die if that damage is dealt to them?  WTF?  Then, as if that wasn't bizarre enough, there are WAY too many Support cards and the collection of Tactics is bizarre as well with tons of Unit sweepers but no way to really resist their effects yourself.  And this deck always feels like you don't have enough potent units.  Morglor is great but that and Grimgor are your only genuine threats and even Grimgor isn't that scary, all things considered. 

    Unfortunately, this deck lacks the precise things which make the Orks so fearsome in W40k and in W:I up to this point - speed and sheer attacking power. 

    Badly needs an overhaul.  I'd avoid playing or making this deck without serious tweaks, folks.  You've been warned.