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Hey Hey
Working on three Budget EDH/Commander decks for some friends and need some help gathering the pieces.

Spider Tribal:
1 x Acid Web Spider
1 x Assault Formation
1 x Blightwidow
1 x Deathsprout
1 x Graverobber Spider
1 x Ishkanah, Grafwidow
1 x Netcaster Spider
1 x Nyx Weaver
1 x Obelisk Spider
1 x Stingerfling Spider
1 x Watcher in the Web
(Modern Horizon)
1 x Changeling Outcast
1 x Rotwidow Pack
1 x Twin-Silk Spider
1 x Universal Automaton
1 x Venomous Changeling
1 x Webweaver Changeling

Daxos the Enchantment Tribal:
1 x Crystal Chimes
1 x Daxos the Returned
1 x Doomwake Giant
1 x Profane Procession
1 x Starfield of Nyx
1 x Swords to Plowshares
1 x Thoughtrender Lamia

Bear Tribal (Modern Horizon):
1 x Ayula, Queen Among Bears (Foil could be cool)
1 x Mother Bear
1 x Ayula's Influence
1 x Birthing Boughs
1 x Universal Automaton

Will gladly trade in your favor if you have the bulk of these

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Re: Working on Budget EDH decks

Bumping in hopes to grab attention

Re: Working on Budget EDH decks

Have a few of these, will open a trade

Always looking for modern and legacy staples.

Re: Working on Budget EDH decks

Updated what I'm still looking for