Topic: LF: Tarmogoyf FT: ... Tarmogoyf?

Good Day

So.... I have a situation where I have 3 Modern Masters Tarmogoyf and 3 non-Modern Master Tarmogoyf (1 Modern Master 2017 and 2 Ultimate Masters).

I am one of those old school guys who doesn't want to play with cards unless I have all the exact same versions of card in a deck. Why you ask? Because it can give away information to your opponent when you flash one version of a card and you play another version later or in a second game. Anywho, even though all the art work in the same style and even the Modern Master and Modern Master 2017 symbols are very similar, the color saturation on those two cards are off enough that I can tell they are different.

So I was wondering if anyone is willing to flip Tarmogoyf with me. You Modern Masters for one of my non-Modern Masters. I am willing to give a little more to justify shipping.

... ... I also have a similar situation with Noble Hierarch (3 Modern Masters 2015 and 1 Ultimate Masters).