Topic: Database fixes and additions

A few database updates and fixes, thank to those reporting them:

* imported Signature Spellbook: Gideon, released today … ook-gideon
* storm crow was incorrectly bunched up with the unstable token with the same name. fixed now.
* Opt, Cast Down, Shanna, Sisay's Legacy were incorrectly listed in the FNM tokens edition instead of the right one
* uploaded the art series images now but since the tooltip images are too aggressively cached you might need to clear the browser cache to see the new ones (this is a bug... it's on the list to fix)
* also fixed the art series cards collector numbers
* magicfest lands were listed duplicated, they have been merged (from the Grand Prix edition). no action is necessary, the counts in user collections have been kept correct
* added Cast Down jp media insert promo featuring Liliana

Re: Database fixes and additions

Thank you!

Noble Hierarch

Re: Database fixes and additions


Is there any way we can get the Modern Horizons Art Series cards to have different names than the cards themselves?

Right now, if I try to build a deck with, say, 3 Yawgmoth, the site thinks I only need one copy because I own two of the art cards, and none of the card itself.

Just appending (Art Series) to the name of the card would do it, I think. Something to differentiate them from playable cards when building decks.



Re: Database fixes and additions

Ajani's Pridemate and Shapeshifter both have the same problem as Storm Crow did, since both are cards and tokens.