Topic: Feature Request: Show proper set information in trade pages


When browsing a trade page, there is no proper/standardized information about the set.
This contains the card Time Spiral, but if you are looking at the set name through the image, it's called 'UZ'. If you look at the img title, it's 'Urza's Saga'.
UZ is not an official set abbreviation (USG is), but Urza's Saga is the full name of the set, which is the offical name.
Then if you look at, Tarmogoyf from MM2 has the correct set abbreviation (MM2) but is called 'Modern Masters 2015 Edition' which is referred to in most instances as 'Modern Masters 2015'

Would it be possible to have the actual set abbreviations set somewhere on a property - not sure if it's stored anywhere in deckbox? for instance the a.title could have data-card-set or something.

I use it for extending my deckbox experience with user scripts, and or when a large trade is going on I can extract the list and mark the cards I've found.

Thanks smile