Topic: Can Lifeline bring back a noncreature card?

The Oracle text for Lifeline reads "Whenever a creature dies, if another creature is on the battlefield, return the first card to the battlefield under its owner's control at the beginning of the next end step."

So my question is, if a noncreature permanent has been turned into a creature, with Toymaker, Karn, the Great Creator, or Nissa, Who Shakes the World for instance, and then dies, will Lifeline bring it back at the end of the turn? The card is a creature when it dies so it seems to me that it should trigger the lifeline. The rules say to return the card at end of turn. It does not say to return the "creature card" just "card".

That being said, all of the rulings only mention creatures not cards. I this find slightly inconsistent as, if I recall correctly, "creatures" are permanents and therefore do not exist outside of the battlefield. In the graveyard only cards exist.

So, could a card that is not a creature card be returned to the battlefield by Lifeline if the card was a creature that died?

Re: Can Lifeline bring back a noncreature card?

Looks like you got your answer! I saw your post on both sites around the same time as I was browsing through new threads. LoL

Just to add a couple notes to what the other answer said on MTG Salvation:

1. All that matters is that a creature object on the battlefield goes to the graveyard and that at least one other creature is on the battlefield (under anyone's control) until Lifeline's triggered ability resolves. Once it resolves and the delayed trigger has been created, it doesn't matter if the second creature or even Lifeline itself leaves the battlefield. The delayed "at end of turn" trigger will still resolve.

2. Once in the graveyard, it ceases to be a creature object (which is a permanent type that can only exist on the battlefield), and becomes a creature card. But as you and the other answer correctly pointed out, it just says "the first card", without specifying "creature card". The game holds a reference to the original creature through this wording, which is what allows your scenario to work. However, if the card leaves the graveyard before the end of the turn, even if it returns to the graveyard once again, that reference is broken and the delayed trigger won't resolve.

Re: Can Lifeline bring back a noncreature card?

So if I turn Lifeline into a creature and it dies with another creature in play, would it bring itself back?

Re: Can Lifeline bring back a noncreature card?

That is correct! It "sees" itself dying, so that it's able to trigger its own ability, which goes on the stack. As long as the second creature on the battlefield doesn't die at instant speed prior to the trigger resolving, then the "at end of turn" delayed trigger will be created. And then as long as Lifeline doesn't leave the graveyard, it'll be brought back at end of turn, just no longer as a Creature.