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Hey all, it's been a while since I've traded and I've decided to come back and see if I can't work out some deals for a few of the expensive cards I'm in search of. Currently I am looking to finish my dual lands for EDH and am also hunting for a box topper Demonic Tutor and an old school judge foil Vampiric Tutor. While my wishlist is small and directed at these cards specifically, I can always be open to trading for other sweet stuff. Do please feel free to look through my Inventory and Tradelist and ask questions about any of the cards you see that you are interested in. Everything has it's price ya know. Please be aware however that I have not gotten my collection completely updated as of yet. I am currently working on getting it updated when I have free time so please check back regularly. Thank you and happy trading!

Re: W:Duals/Tutors H:Lists

Inventory and wishlist has been updated a little bit. Shoot me a trade if you see anything in my lists you like!