Topic: How to handle cards 'in-transit'

I don't really know if this is a missing functionality, something I am missing or simply a fringe usecase that few would appreciate. But here it goes.

I am using Deckbox for my collection which is in a buildup-phase. I have my sights set on 4~5 decks and a qube and have been buying cards broadly, buying card where I can find them below average price and sourcing from 4 different sites.

My problem is that I have my Inventory (the actual cards that I have in my possession) , cards in transit (as of this, 7 different deliveries from 3 different sites, longest delivery right now more than 4 weeks) and a total wishlist.

Using only the Deckbox functions "Inventory" and "Wishlist" I can keep track of two of these, the third is right now in an excelsheet. I feel like I am missing out on a lot of nice functionality and would like to know if anyone has a smart workaround with perhaps 'Decks'  or 'Tradelist' for handling this?


Re: How to handle cards 'in-transit'

I have a "deck" in my collection that is called To Add. This is where I put anything I bought that I don't have yet. It isn't going to be the best option, but it gives something in system that I can see what I bought (because I have forgotten multiple times).