Topic: w: Locust God foils H: EDH, Modern, Legacy, Lands, Foils

Looking to foil out my The Locust God deck, wants below! I have a non-foil of each card I can add to the trades.

* 1x Foil Hullbreacher - CL Extended
* 1x Foil Jace's Archivist - M12
* 1x Foil Rielle, the Everwise - Ikoria Extended
* 1x Foil Forgotten Creation - Shadows over Innistrad
* 1x Foil Purphoros, God of the Forge - Secret Lair
* 1x Foil The Locust God - Pack Foil (I have pre-release foil I can trade)
* 1x Foil Kozilek, Butcher of Truth - Ultimate Masters Extended Box Topper
* 1x Foil Pact of Negation - Future Sight
* 1x Foil Swan Song - Theros
* 1x Foil Mana Drain
* 1x Foil Chaos Warp - Commander's Arsenal
* 1x Foil Frantic Search - Urza's Legacy
* 1x Foil Force of Will
* 1x Foil Careful Study - Odyssey
* 1x Foil Faithless Looting - Dark Ascension
* 1x Foil Ponder
* 1x Foil Windfall
* 1x Foil Reforge the Soul - Avacyn Restored
* 1x Foil Blasphemous Act - CL Extended
* 1x Foil Chrome Mox
* 1x Foil Mana Vault - Ultimate Masters Box Toppers
* 1x Foil Skullclamp
* 1x Foil Arcane Signet - CL Extended
* 1x Foil Ashnod's Altar
* 1x Foil Teferi's Puzzle Box - 7th Edition
* 1x Foil Impact Tremors - Dragons of Takir
* 1x Foil Rhystic Study - Commander's Arsenal or Judge Promo
* 1x Foil Shared Animosity - Morningtide
* 1x Foil Narset, Parter of Veils - Secret Lair Stained Glass
* 1x Foil Jace, the Mind Sculptor - 2XM Borderless

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