Topic: Multiple keywords when searching/filtering inventory

Is there a way to enter multiple keywords when searching/filtering your inventory?  I'm currently trying to find what cat and dog creatures I own, as I'm attempting to make a commander deck based on those creature types, and it would be great if I could input "cat, dog" in the Type Line section.  When I do that, I get no results. 

I can filter for either alone and make it work right now, but it would be easier if we could use multiple keywords when searching.  If there is something that can currently be done to achieve what I'm looking for, please let me know.  I appreciate it.

I have included a screenshot to try and clarify what I'm talking about in case I've confused anybody, lol

Edit: I just went back to work on my searching and remembered something else I have been trying to do.

When I try to search for a word in the Rules Text part of the filter I get results that include cards that only have words containing the word that I'm searching for.  For example, I search for the word cat in the rules text and I get Akki Ember-Keeper as a match.  That card has the word modifications in its reminder text and since the word modifications contains the word cat, it comes up.  I thought maybe putting " " around the word ("cat") would work but it doesn't.

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