Topic: New user: question about inventory column

Hi there!

Cataloguing my cards & built decks, deck ideas and have a question: Does the green column's fractions indicate how many decks are using a card that I have 2+ of? For example, an EDH deck I have is using one of my Reclamation Sages but I am looking for 2 more for another deck. In the green column, it's indicating "1/2" if it's indicating what I think it is, it will necessitate me purchasing a 3rd copy?

This is a feature I definitely need, so I hope I am right!

Re: New user: question about inventory column

The green column on the far left is how many you have in inventory.  If you just have a single number, that is the total number of that card that you have.  If you have a specific version of a card listed for a deck, then you'll get the X/Y format, where X is the number of copies that match the version information listed, and where Y is the total number of copies you have for that card regardless of the version.  To get the number in all built decks you should look for the column headed by a lego block icon.  You can hover over the icon to get a little more information on how this is calculated.  When you're looking at a specific deck, if you don't have the lego block icon listed, double-check the columns that are shown and make sure that you have "Decks Count" selected.

Re: New user: question about inventory column

Thank you SO much!! This is a game changer, and the fractions now make sense.