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Type: Deck Idea
Variant Tag: conConstructed
Format: Modern
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Approx. Value:

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Mana Curve
Card Color Breakdown
Card Type Breakdown

Main Deck - 100 cards, 16 distinct
Name  Edition Price Type Cost
Rarity Color
Creature (36)
4 Blitz Hellion
$0.34 Creature - Hellion
10 Chaos Maw
$0.26 Creature - Hellion
4 Cinder Hellion
$0.17 Creature - Hellion
4 Embermaw Hellion
$0.36 Creature - Hellion
6 Flameborn Hellion
$0.33 Creature - Hellion
4 Inferno Hellion
$0.21 Creature - Hellion
4 Volcanic Dragon
$0.21 Creature - Dragon
Instant (8)
4 Magmaquake
$0.32 Instant
4 Tears of Valakut
$0.21 Instant
Sorcery (12)
1 Devastating Summons
$0.96 Sorcery
1 Earthquake
$0.35 Sorcery
10 Tremor
$0.16 Sorcery
Enchantment (9)
4 Burning Earth
$0.38 Enchantment
4 Impact Tremors
$1.20 Enchantment
1 Where Ancients Tread
$0.42 Enchantment
Land (35)
35 Mountain
$0.99 Basic Land - Mountain
Sideboard - 10 cards, 1 distinct
Name  Edition Price Type Cost
Rarity Color
Instant (10)
10 Commune with Lava
$0.31 Instant

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  • Pox (Edited )

    ***HORDE RULES***
    - Any choice The Horde must make should be made as randomly as possible.
    - "Target player" is the active player.
    - The Horde has unlimited mana of every colour.
    - Activated abilities may only be activated by the Horde once per card.
    - All creatures controlled by The Horde have Haste and "This creature must attack each turn if able."
    - The Horde has no life total. Damage dealt to The Horde causes that many cards from the top of The Horde's library to be put into its graveyard.

    Tremors Horde Rules:

    - Full 100 cards, minimum 35 Mountains.

    - Each player has 20 life. For each player knocked out, the Tremors Deck automatically draws and plays an additional 2 cards at the beginning of its turn.

    - As with other Horde games, the players take their turns simultaneously.
    - The surivors win when the Tremors deck is depleted.

    - Whenever the choice is "Target creature or player," the Tremors Horde always chooses Player where applicable. Whenever the choice is target creature, the Tremors Horde always chooses the LARGEST enemy creature, even if it can't kill them. If there is no valid enemy player or creature target, the card has no effect.
    - None of the Tremors cards can hurt, or be used against, the Tremors creatures or deck; they are effectively immune to each other. This includes not only their own cards (such as Magmaquake) but opponent's cards (such as Traitorous Blood to steal and attack with a Tremors creature).
    - The Tremors Horde deck has Hexproof unless it has at least one creature in play. It can be affected by cards that will affect all players, however.

    - The Tremors deck does not draw cards on its turn; instead, it draws cards for each creature that attacks it. If a mountain is drawn, the Tremors Horde draws another card and the creature that the mountain was drawn for is removed from combat (it remains tapped).

    - The Tremors Horde deck cannot gain life.

    - All creatures the Tremors Horde deck plays that have haste are assigned to block the largest attacking creature when they are drawn, regardless of any other attacking creature(s).

    - At the end of the Horde's turn, if there are no creatures controlled by any player, all Tremors creatures are put on the bottom of the Tremor's deck.

    Specific Rules

    Magmaquake, Earthquake

     - X is equal to the number of mountains the Horde has in play.

    Devastating Summons

     - The Horde will sacrifice every mountain it has in play for this spell if it is played.

    Hard Mode

    - Add 10 "Commune with Lava" with the rule for Magmaquake in place of Tremor.

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