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Main Deck - 61 cards, 19 distinct
Name  Type Classes Edition
Hero (1)
1 Spiritualist Sunshroud Hero - Blood Elf Priest   Drums of War
Weapon (5)
2 Netherbreath Spellblade Weapon - Dagger      Scourgewar
3 Voidfire Wand Weapon - Wand     Servants of The Betrayer
Armor (2)
2 Belt of Blasting Armor - Cloth     Crafting Redemption Program
Item (2)
2 Seer's Signet Item       Hunt for Illidan
Ally (6)
3 Blood Knight Kyria Ally - Blood Elf Paladin Hunt for Illidan
3 Skumm Bag'go Ally - Troll Rogue Drums of War
Ability (30)
3 A Taste of Divinity Ability - Holy   Fields of Honor
4 Devouring Plague Ability - Shadow   Scourgewar
4 Dispersion Instant Ability - Shadow Talent   Scourgewar
4 Lose Control Ability - Shadow Subtlety    Drums of War
3 Melt Face Ability - Shadow   Servants of The Betrayer
4 Mental Anguish Ability - Shadow   March of The Legion
4 Mist of Corrosion Ability - Shadow   Fields of Honor
4 Touch of Darkness Ability - Shadow   March of The Legion
Quest (12)
4 Forces of Jaedenar Quest March of The Legion
4 Rise and Be Recognized Quest Fields of Honor
4 Solanian's Belongings Quest Through the Dark Portal
Location (3)
3 Silvermoon City Location - City Blood of Gladiators
Sideboard - 10 cards, 3 distinct
Name  Type Classes Edition
Ability (10)
4 Arcane Torrent Instant Ability Through the Dark Portal
3 Disperse Magic Ability - Discipline   Blood of Gladiators
3 Shadow Word: Anguish Instant Ability - Shadow   Drums of War

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