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Name  Type Classes Edition
4 "Acid Hands" McGillicutty Ally - Undead Rogue March of The Legion
1 "Black Ice" Fizzlefreeze Hero - Gnome Mage   Hunt for Illidan
4 "Bladehands" Spigotgulp Ally - Gnome Rogue Fields of Honor
4 "Chipper" Ironbane Ally - Dwarf Warrior Through the Dark Portal
4 "Fungus Face" McGillicutty Ally - Undead Priest March of The Legion
3 "Gigantique" Bag Item            Wrathgate
4 A Donation of Wool Quest Heroes of Azeroth
4 A Question of Gluttony Quest Blood of Gladiators
4 A Rare Bean Quest Drums of War
4 A Taste of Divinity Ability - Holy   Fields of Honor
4 A Warm Welcome Quest Servants of The Betrayer
4 Absolute Poise Instant Ability - Protection   Drums of War
4 Abyss Walker's Boots Armor - Cloth     March of The Legion
3 Adam Eternum Ally - Human Warrior Fields of Honor
3 Aegis of the Vindicator Armor - Shield    Magtheridon
4 Akama's Promise Quest Hunt for Illidan
4 Akama's Sash Armor - Cloth     Hunt for Illidan
1 Amani Mask of Death Armor - Plate    Drums of War
4 Anchorite Viluaa Ally - Draenei Priest March of The Legion
1 Antonidas's Aegis of Rapt Concentration Instant Armor - Shield    Blood of Gladiators
4 Arcane Burst Ability - Arcane   Scourgewar
4 Arcane Torrent Instant Ability Through the Dark Portal
4 Army of the Dead Ability - Unholy   Scourgewar
4 Auchindoun Spirit Towers Location - Objective Drums of War
1 Azarak Wolfsblood Hero - Orc Hunter   Through the Dark Portal
3 Backlash Instant Ability - Destruction Talent   Fields of Honor
3 Band of the Inevitable Item     Hunt for Illidan
4 Banish to the Nether Ability - Destruction   Servants of The Betrayer
2 Belt of Blasting Armor - Cloth     Crafting Redemption Program
4 Berserk Instant Ability - Feral Talent   Scourgewar
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