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Main Deck - 61 cards, 38 distinct
Name  Type Classes Edition
Hero (1)
1 Kristoff Manchester Hero - Human Warlock   Blood of Gladiators
Weapon (1)
1 Blade of Wizardry Weapon - Sword    Servants of The Betrayer
Armor (1)
1 Akama's Sash Armor - Cloth     Hunt for Illidan
Ally (18)
1 "Bladehands" Spigotgulp Ally - Gnome Rogue Fields of Honor
1 Brother Rhone Ally - Dwarf Paladin Through the Dark Portal
2 Bulvai of the Watch Ally - Draenei Paladin Servants of The Betrayer
1 Corvus Promaethon Ally - Human Warlock Fields of Honor
1 Elder Tomas Ally - Draenei Shaman Blood of Gladiators
2 Elder Valdar of the Exodar Ally - Draenei Warrior Blood of Gladiators
1 First Responder Avaressa Ally - Draenei Paladin Hunt for Illidan
1 Kreedom Ally - Felhunter Demon   Blood of Gladiators
1 Kurdoc Greybeard Ally - Dwarf Paladin Blood of Gladiators
1 Miner Steelwhiskers Ally - Dwarf Warrior Servants of The Betrayer
1 Orderkeeper Vesra Ally - Human Paladin Servants of The Betrayer
1 Phase Hound Ally - Beast Demon    Blood of Gladiators
3 Tyrus Lionheart Ally - Human Paladin Blood of Gladiators
1 Xanata the Lightsworn Ally - Draenei Paladin Servants of The Betrayer
Ability (26)
3 Banish to the Nether Ability - Destruction   Servants of The Betrayer
3 Clinging Curse Instant Ability - Affliction Curse   Hunt for Illidan
2 Curse of Fatigue Instant Ability - Affliction Curse   Drums of War
2 Dark Justice Instant Ability - Affliction   Blood of Gladiators
3 Death Coil Ability - Affliction   Fires of Outland
2 Eye of Kilrogg Ability - Demonology   Through the Dark Portal
3 Fel Fire Ability - Affliction   Servants of The Betrayer
4 Immolate Ability - Destruction   Fires of Outland
1 Invoke the Nether Ability - Destruction   March of The Legion
2 Siphon Life Instant Ability - Affliction Talent   March of The Legion
1 Unstable Affliction Ability - Affliction Talent   Fires of Outland
Quest (13)
1 Brother Against Brother Quest Fires of Outland
1 Darkness Calling Quest Death Knight Starter
3 Forces of Jaedenar Quest March of The Legion
1 In Defense of Halaa Quest Drums of War
1 Levixus the Soul Caller Quest March of The Legion
1 Manhunt Quest Through the Dark Portal
3 Orders from Lady Vashj Quest Servants of The Betrayer
1 The Eye of Command Quest Fields of Honor
1 Timbermaw Ally Quest Fires of Outland
Location (1)
1 Towers of Eastern Plaguelands Location - Objective Drums of War
Sideboard - 0 cards, 0 distinct
No cards here. :(

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