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Name  Type Classes Edition
1 "Black Ice" Fizzlefreeze Hero - Gnome Mage   Hunt for Illidan
5 Banish to the Nether Ability - Destruction   Servants of The Betrayer
2 Barathex, Undeath’s Hand Hero - Night Elf Death Knight   Throne of the Tides
6 Blessing of Freedom Instant Ability - Protection Blessing   Through the Dark Portal
2 Blessing of Wisdom Instant Ability - Holy Blessing   Heroes of Azeroth
2 Bloody Ritual Ability - Affliction Protection    Drums of War
4 Cyclone Instant Ability - Balance   Through the Dark Portal
1 Daspien Bladedancer Hero - Blood Elf Rogue   Through the Dark Portal
1 Dralor Hero - Human Rogue   March of The Legion
6 Elements' Fury Ability - Elemental   March of The Legion
2 Explosive Trap Instant Ability - Survival   Fields of Honor
9 Eye of Kilrogg Ability - Demonology   Through the Dark Portal
2 Finishing Shout Instant Ability - Fury Shout   Hunt for Illidan
6 Fire Blast Instant Ability - Fire   Heroes of Azeroth
1 Fizzle Instant Ability - Arcane   Fires of Outland
1 Ghoulmaster Kalisa Hero - Undead Death Knight   Throne of the Tides
1 Gorebelly Hero - Orc Warrior   Heroes of Azeroth
2 Graccus Hero - Human Paladin   Heroes of Azeroth
8 Hammer of Justice Instant Ability - Protection   Heroes of Azeroth
6 Hibernate Instant Ability - Balance   Drums of War
1 Hootie Ally - Owl   Through the Dark Portal
2 Katianna the Shrouded Hero - Night Elf Priest   Fields of Honor
1 Life Tap Instant Ability - Affliction   Heroes of Azeroth
7 Lightning Arc Ability - Elemental   Hunt for Illidan
2 Melt Face Ability - Shadow   Servants of The Betrayer
3 Nether Fracture Instant Ability - Arcane   March of The Legion
1 Pick Pocket Ability - Subtlety   Fires of Outland
2 Puncture Ability - Protection   March of The Legion
7 Purloin Ability - Subtlety   Through the Dark Portal
2 Roaring Blaze Ability - Fire   Fields of Honor
30 total results       Page 1 of 1