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Hello, nice to meet you.  I like trades of any size. I have a job and other obligations that sometimes cause me to be a little slow in responding so please be patient.

NOTE FOR JULY 2018!  I will be travelling a bit more than usual, so please pardon my slower-than-usual response times this month.  Thanks.

If you are just starting out on deckbox. I'd be happy to help you through the process and I am very patient. Just ask for help.

I'll typically send smaller-value trades in an envelope and higher-value trades I'll ship in a bubble mailer with delivery confirmation.

I have a complete Fallen Empire Set with all the versions of the different arts.  I'm waiting for the day when it skyrockets price.  :)

For the cheapest way to mail with delivery confirmation use this link:

It is currently $2.70ish (or close to that). I keep getting packages where the sender is spending $6 to ship. You don't have to do that!!

Tolarian Community College on how to package cards for shipping:

If we are already in a trade that will require a bubble mailer (because of number of cards or value) and you would like some shipping materials let me know.

I am looking to collect the following AMK and HOU full-art foils...
AKH #250 (plains)
AKH #251 (island)
AKH #253 (mountain)
AKH #254 (forest)
HOU #185 (plains)
HOU #187 (swamp)
HOU #188 (mountain)
HOU #189 (forest)

I have these extra BFZ full-art foils to swap for them if you are looking...
#259 island
2x #270 forest
2x #274 forest
#254 plains
#253 plains
#269 mountain

I also have the following SCG Tokens for Trade:
1x Bonechewer Giant
8x Brian Coval
1x Drake
1x Fintuition
1x Fleecekeeper
3x Goose of Saint Traft
1x Horse
1x Puggernaut
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