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Jordan Allaman (Almundjoy)
United States - Illinois - Columbia
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**Please read before proposing/accepting trades!**

!!!Please Note: I have a lot of cards on my wishlist that aren't immediate needs.  Please don't be offended if I decline a trade even if it's a card on my wishlist.  I use it as a personal reminder of cards I need to pick up SOME TIME in the future, thanks!! :)

For all larger value trades, I value both sides using TCG Median as I believe it provides a more fair market price on the cards.  For anything smaller, I'm fine with using deckbox's pricing model.

I normally like to get the most out of my trades to ensure it is beneficial to both party's time, shipping costs, and energy.  In this respect, please keep all trades over $5 if at all possible.

I apologize in advance if you propose a trade and my tradelist isn't 100% up to date and I have to decline because I can't locate the card.

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