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Been with DeckBox for awhile. After 400 trades, no trade is too small or too bulky.

Quarterly, a few thousand cards are added including hundreds of rares and foils.
Open a trade.
Am willing to accept cards in almost any condition. As long as the art is unmarred, text is completely readable, and the card can lay flat in a sleeve, it is acceptable.

If a trade is opened, allow 4-6 daze for a response. Post a message in the chat. It'll be easier to spot.

Can build random bulk boxes of 400-800 cards for CUBE or drafts within a few weeks. Send an email to make a request.

Am experimenting with assembling random batches for trade. Open a trade, if interested. Can discuss what is available.

If there are cards you want and there is nothing to offer, will accept  basic lands in trade.
[updated Jun21]
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Celestine Reef
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Spare from Evil
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Spirit // Insect
2 $0.64Add to Cart
Marwyn, the Nurturer
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Acorn Harvest
7 $0.64Add to Cart
Slate Street Ruffian
4 $0.40Add to Cart
Thought Scour
6 $0.32Add to Cart
Dreg Mangler
2 $0.32Add to Cart
Grisly Salvage
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4 $0.32Add to Cart
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