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United States - Arizona - Tonopah
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This user has set his status to on vacation. You can not trade or buy cards from him until he comes back. Feel free to check out his bio or drop him an email to ask for details.
User Bio
Am a Vorthos-type collector.

Been with DeckBox for awhile. After nearly two hundred trades, collection has been picked clean of most choice rares.

Every 2-3 months, typically around the first week of the month, a few thousand cards are added including a hundred or more rares. Will get more in mid-May.
While most cards are common or uncommon, they come from a wide variety of expansion sets as far back as 'Revised'.

If there is any interest, open a trade. Am willing to accept cards in almost any condition. As long as the art is unmarred, text is completely readable, and the card can lay flat in a sleeve, it is acceptable.

If a trade is opened, allow a few days for a response. Posting a message in the chat window will make the new trade easier to spot.

Can build random bulk boxes of 400-800 cards for CUBE or drafts within a few weeks. Send an email to make a request.

Have a specialty for gathering cards of a similar theme. (e.g., goblin decks, elvish decks, decks featuring explosions, plague, or plant infestations.) Can populate a list within a trade, if needed.

One last thing: Cards within inventory are not available for trade.

(updated March 2017)
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Craw Wurm
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1 $0.50Add to Cart
3 $0.50Add to Cart
7 $0.50Add to Cart
3 $0.50Add to Cart
Zodiac Monkey
1 $0.40Add to Cart
Diabolic Edict
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Nature's Claim
1 $0.35Add to Cart
1 $0.25Add to Cart
Djinn Monk
3 $0.25Add to Cart
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