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Jason Prescott (FastTadpole)
Premium User
Canada - Alberta - Edmonton
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02-Jun-2023 19:53
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My Continent
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Canada, United States
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Canadian Traders, MTG Market, Foil Traders
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SALE: Open up the discussion and enter the promo code PROMOCODE in the order discussion chat and save before your order to save 5% on your cards. I'll manually apply the discount before payment via PayPal. Be sure to do this little dance before paying to take advantage of this offeing.

Shop with confidence. DeckBox is the only sales / trade platform I employ so my entire inventory is available for sale and trade. Cards are cataloged and updated as I get and trade for/away a card.. so if I have it listed, I have it stocked. I honour all sale pricing as listed.

Started getting into the Magics in May 2015. I play Limited and Standard with a splash of Commander. Now trading and selling within the US and Canada.

SHIPPING on Sales within CANADA
$1.95  1-10 Cards: Canada Post, No Tracking [$50.00 MAX]
$2.95  11 - 25 Cards: Canada Post, No Tracking [$50.00 MAX]
$3.95  26 - 50 Cards: Canada Post, No Tracking [$50.00 MAX]
$4.95  51-100 Cards, Canada Post, No Tracking. [$50.00 MAX]
$14.95  1 - 100 Cards: Canada Post, Tracking Included [$20.00 MIN]
$17.95  101-500 Cards, Canada Post, Parcel Tracking Included. [$20.00 MIN]
FREE  Local Pickup from Edmonton, Alberta

$3.95  1-10 Cards: Regular Post, No Tracking. [$20.00 MAX]
$4.95  11-25 Cards: Regular Post, No Tracking. [$20.00 MAX]
$6.95  Bulk, Max 50 Cards, Regular Post, No Tracking. [$20.00 MAX]
$13.95 1-50 Cards: US Tracking Included. [$20.00 MIN]
$16.95  51-200 Cards: US Tracking Included. [$20.00 MIN]

If you see a card that is clearly overpriced let me know in the order discussion and I can bring the price down to earth.

For Canada, I'll consider trades $10 and up to make it worth our postage. For the US of A, I'd ask we swap at least $20 worth of luxury cardboard rectangles (h/t to M.H.) forth and back to justify the postage.

The DeckBox can sometimes skew valuations so I refer to a combination of prices listed on Star City Games, Face to Face Gaming, TCGPlayer, MTG Goldfish and MTGStocks both in list prices, price stability and availability when considering trades. Some cards are listed on my "tradelist and cards for sale" are only for sale, as DeckBox doesn't have a feature to distinguish cards that are only for sale and not for trade... as of yet.

As for trades I ship how you ship.. we'll come to a consensus on it.

I pack as instructed here in this useful packing guide:

De-facto grading guide courtesy of SCG
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Wrenn and Six
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1 $83.90Add to Cart
Hangarback Walker
1 $77.77Add to Cart
Indomitable Creativity
1 $74.85Add to Cart
Painter's Servant
1 $67.70Add to Cart
The Ur-Dragon
1 $64.85Add to Cart
Mox Amber
2 $59.85Add to Cart
Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer
1 $54.95Add to Cart
Mana Breach
1 $54.85Add to Cart
Sword of Fire and Ice
1 $53.95Add to Cart
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