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Jason Prescott (FastTadpole)
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Canada - Alberta - Saint Albert
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Canada, United States
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Canadian Traders, MTG players canada, MTG Market, Set Collectors
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Started getting into the Magics in May 2015. I play Standard with a splash of Commander. Now trading and selling within Canada and the US.

For Canada, no trade too small or large. For the US I'd ask for offer ranging between $15 and $50 to fall into that sweet zone for us. Less than that is too much to justify postage as a percentage value of the trade, larger than that and we'd need tracking -- which is very expensive internationally.

The DeckBox can sometimes skew valuations so I refer to a combination of prices listed on Star City Games, Face to Face Gaming, TCGPlayer, MTG Goldfish and MTGStocks both in list prices, price stability and availability when considering trades. Some cards are listed on my "tradelist and cards for sale" are only for sale, as DeckBox doesn't have a feature to distinguish that yet. See below for specifics.

My entire inventory and available trades are cataloged and updated as I get and trade for/away a card.. so if I have it listed, I have it stocked.

As for trades I ship how you ship.. we'll come to a consensus on it.

I pack as instructed here in this useful packing guide:

Unlisted but for sale or trade, on request:
- Pretty much all the commons from Kaladesh Onwards, older set commons are catalogued and graded.
- d20s
- Plenty of Tokens, from KTK onwards

I have a few cards listed for only for sale but DeckBox doesn't allow me to differentiate any items only for sale. Those cards currently include:
- All Rebecca Guay Standard Showdown Lands
- Nissa, Who Shakes the World (Foil)
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Karn, Scion of Urza
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Nicol Bolas, the Ravager
1 $27.50Add to Cart
Vivien Reid
1 $25.00Add to Cart
Blast Zone
1 $24.00Add to Cart
Leyline of Sanctity
1 $19.00Add to Cart
Leyline of Sanctity
1 $19.00Add to Cart
3 $19.00Add to Cart
Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge
1 $17.95Add to Cart
Vraska's Contempt
1 $14.00Add to Cart
Teysa Karlov
1 $10.00Add to Cart
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