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Hello There!

First of all, I love trading. Don't hesitate to offer a trade! I try to be as prompt as possible in replying (and sending), and I check this site all the time. There are very few things on my tradelist that I will have hesitation trading for. While I’m primarily looking for things on my wishlist, I’m open to trading for its own sake. If it’s not a wishlist trade, I’d prefer to trade up as I’m actively looking to reduce my inventory. Below I’ve listed some information and expectations, but you’ll find I’m pretty flexible. Looking forward to working something out!

Shipping & Packaging: I’m usually pretty fast at getting the cards in the mail. If it’s a bubble wrapper it may be a couple of days max but I generally don’t wait long. I usually send in a PWE so long as it is below $30. Otherwise I’ll send in a Bubble envelope with tracking. Please specify if you want any tracking or bubble wrap from me if it is lower than $30 or I will assume you are okay with these guidelines.

My Tradelist: I have invested a lot of time making sure my tradelist is accurate and well evaluated on condition as well as inventory. I’ve gotten a lot better at evaluating the condition of cards over the years, but some of my cards I entered years ago, but I’m not going to go back to double check every card to make sure I didn’t make a mistake. So, I will check the condition of the cards before I send them to you. If they are not what they are listed as I will tell you. If we have already agreed on the trade at that point (hopefully not), I am happy to change out the trade to accommodate. However, if you don’t communicate with me then I’ll try to send some random value to compensate.

My Interests: I primarily only play eternal formats. So I'm not really interested in Standard and only half-interested in Modern. I mainly just play Legacy and Commander at events and love to tool around with Pauper ideas. Thus, I'm mainly looking for only what's in my wishlist or trading up in value.

My back story: I began playing magic in 1997, then took a long hiatus in high school after Urza's block was done. After my first year of College I reunited with some friends and started playing again in Onslaught block in 2003. However, I stopped shortly after 8th edition was released and when I went back to school. I finally came back to magic in 2011 and started again with Innistrad, and have been going strong since.
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