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Howdy all!

I'm looking to sell my extras or trade them for pieces of decks I need. Any offer is entertained and I'm always happy to look at lists!

Feel free to discuss or counteroffer. If a particular pricelist is important to you please mention; for smaller pieces I tend to just use deckbox but I'm fine with checking against other sources.

Card condition is accurate to the best of my ability and I can provide pictures or scans of anything if condition is critical for you.

By default I will send trades worth less than $25 in a plain white envelope and anything more in a bubble envelope with tracking.
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Ugin, the Spirit Dragon
1 $25.15Add to Cart
Kindred Dominance
1 $19.86Add to Cart
Teferi, Master of Time
1 $19.05Add to Cart
Mystical Tutor
1 $18.68Add to Cart
Lotus Cobra
4 $14.75Add to Cart
Grim Tutor
1 $14.36Add to Cart
1 $12.54Add to Cart
Door of Destinies
1 $11.58Add to Cart
Cytoplast Manipulator
1 $11.41Add to Cart
Splinter Twin
1 $11.13Add to Cart
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