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Jim (old_school_unlimited)
United States - Ohio - Cleveland
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10-Jul-2020 02:03
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My name is Jim and I was into MTG back during revised and the dark, but had some unlimited stuff, which I loved for the rich colors and double border.  Sold everything in the late 1990s when I went to college and started getting back into MTG in 2018 because my sons wanted to play.  OMG dual land prices!  I remember having dozens of them I bought and sold at $10.

I'm a casual magic player and enjoy EDH and playing old school cards with the original art.

I prefer to pick up old school unlimited cards and am considering putting together a complete set one day, so will trade more recent stuff I've purchased or opened for old unlimited edition cards I do not have.  I am ok with played condition cards, just want to know what I'm getting and take that into account on the value side.

I need all of your Goblins of the Flarg from The Dark.

I'm happy to look through lists for cards I don't yet know I want. 

I am looking for an English Legends Mana Drain.  I can trade you a pack fresh Iconic Masters one, plus additional to make it worth your while.

Let's trade!
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Blue Sun's Zenith
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Reality Shift
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