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Due to expected shipping delays in the USA during Dec 2021, I am planning to step back from trading until Jan.  Feel free to send me a trade if something catches your eye and I'll consider it!

I play Limited, EDH, and like to tell myself I'm working towards Modern.  We'll see if I ever finish a deck...  I've been playing since SOM block.

I do things besides Magic (what a surprise!)  This, unfortunately, means I'm not on here every day and it may take me a few days to see your trade.  I'm certainly interested though so please make an offer if I have something you want.  I am happy to look at lists. 

I'm fairly laid back when it comes to trading.  If something comes up on your end, just let me know, I don't mind waiting a couple days.
I try to check card condition before I offer a trade.  I will not send you a card that doesn't match the condition I list without discussing it with you. 

I will ship in an envelope or bubble mailer as needed.

Random stuff:  I like pretty foils, charge counters, and storage lands.  If you have a pretty foil I don't know about, let me know!

Minor stuff: I prefer the set printings of a card, as opposed to supplemental product printings, when available.  I also prefer cards with a centered holo-sticker (on the M15 frame.)

I would love to get my hands on ~20 each of NM Unglued Plains and Swamps.  (I can dream right?)  If you have a set you want to get rid of, I'm interested!

Thanks for taking a look!
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