This is a complete Vintage deck.
Approximate deck value: $90.63.
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# Name Type Cost 
Creature (17)
3 Artifact Creature - Wall $0.13
4 Artifact Creature - Soldier $0.10
3 Artifact Creature - Myr $0.51
4 Artifact Creature - Shapeshifter $3.79
1 Legendary Creature - Human Warrior $0.45
1 Artifact Creature - Dragon $0.34
1 Artifact Creature - Wurm $25.68
Instant (7)
2 Instant $0.40
2 Instant $0.11
3 Instant $0.15
Sorcery (4)
2 Sorcery $0.63
2 Sorcery $1.61
Artifact (9)
3 Artifact $0.18
2 Artifact $1.10
4 Artifact $0.10
Land (23)
1 Land $0.23
4 Land $3.25
7 Basic Land - Mountain $0.16
7 Basic Land - Plains $0.14
4 Land $3.11
# Name Type Cost 
1 Land $0.66
2 Sorcery $2.00
4 Instant $0.59
2 Instant $0.40
1 Sorcery $0.63
3 Enchantment $0.33
1 Creature - Elemental Hound $0.23
1 Instant $0.15
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  • Quincy Norton ()

    Sideboard time! Depending on the metagame, Suture Priest may be a fair option. I'll make people think twice about using Restoration Angel or Cloudshift. Gisela, Blade of Goldnight just happens to be in our colors. Just sayin'. Pillar of Flame vs. Zombies or Moorland Haunt? The usual assortment of Nihil Spellbombs? Mental Misstep for Birds of Paradise or Delver of Secrets seems solid as well. Any ideas?

    • Pierce ()

      3 blue isn't enough for moorland haunt. Although many decks over here use their graveyard, they're not necessarly dependant on it. By that I mean, grafdigger's cage would be better than nihil spellbomb.

      Again, not enough blue for Delver.

      Mental misstep doesn't sound too bad.

      Suture priest is good for obvious reasons, but I'm thinking I'd just prefer a Ratchet bomb (not that I have any).

      Gisela is awesome and all, but I'd bluntly prefer Wurmcoil. Lifelink + 2 creatures when it dies, for 1 mana less. Much prefered IMO.

      As I mentioned earlier, Hound of Griselbrand seems like it would fill a spot this deck is sorely lacking in. But the two mountain cost might be too prohibitive. What do you think?

      Also, the more I look at Shimmer Myr, the more perfect it seems. I want to run 2 or 3. What do you think we should move for it?

      And FYI, cool thing I just realized: combat-killed Cathedral Membrane + Moment of Heroism = 8 life. :)

      • Quincy Norton ()

        Not sure that Cathedral Membrane would keep it's lifelink in the graveyard, but its a cool thought. For the extra Shimmer Myr, take out an Act of Aggression, I see it being a little to mana/life intensive. Also, I wasn't suggesting you add a Delver, but I did suggest putting in Mental Misstep to help deal with it. Delver decks have a bunch of obnoxious one mana instants, so I think it would be rather useful. As to Grafdigger's Cage vs. Nihil Spellbomb, it's mostly a matter of preference, and I happen to like the spellbomb more. As to Gisela, her flavor text should read: "Got a kill spell? No? Ok, LOL, GG." I love that card.

        • Pierce ()

          Cathedral Membrane is doing the damage. Moment of Heroism gives it lifelink until end of turn. It works.

          I'll take your suggestion on the Shimmer Myr.

          You still haven't mentioned your thoughts on the Hound.

          • Quincy Norton ()

            Hound of Grislebrand is good, but when would be a good time to board it in? I just don't think it fits this deck.

            • Pierce ()

              I was thinking mainboard, actually. We're slightly low on creatures. It having doublestrike and undying helps fill in that weakness.

              All in all I suppose we're allright though. I'm not expecting first place, but this deck actually is starting to look pretty good.

              Just changed the mana a little. (2 glacial fortress and 1 plains for 3 seachrome coast)

  • Quincy Norton ()

    Looks good. Somehow seems more solid overall. Maybe its for the best that fateful hour was cut, it kinda distracted from the deck.

    • Pierce ()

      Swapping a Pristine Talisman for a land. Debating on which one. I believe it to be a worthwhile trade as this deck is not focused on metalcraft. Sulfur Falls for now... your thoughts? Glacial Fortress? Mountain? Plains? Island?

      • Quincy Norton ()

        Buried Ruin! With most of the mana requirements being somewhat flexible because of the Phyrexian mana, Buried Ruin seems like a good idea.

        • Pierce ()

          Sounds good to me.

  • Pierce ()

    25 artifacts and 25 Phyrexian spells. It's off somehow, but it actually looks playable. I'm excited to give it a try!

    What do you think?

    In particular I'm staring at Hound of Griselbrand. The double-strike and especially the undying are very appealing, but the two Red cost looks like it might be too prohibitive...

    In case you can't tell - this layout is much more akin to Control than Aggro. As long as the opponent doesn't have a bunch of early creatures (or as long as you live that assault)...