This is a complete Legacy deck.
Approximate deck value: $208.66.
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# Name Type Cost 
Instant (22)
4 Instant $3.25
4 Instant $12.72
4 Instant - Arcane $0.10
2 Instant $0.23
4 Instant $10.49
4 Instant $1.63
Artifact (5)
4 Artifact $4.90
1 Artifact $2.84
Enchantment (13)
4 Enchantment $4.57
4 Enchantment $0.33
4 Enchantment $1.50
1 Enchantment $0.36
Land (20)
1 Legendary Land $8.44
1 Land $28.28
18 Basic Land - Plains $0.14
# Name Type Cost 
4 Instant $0.74
4 Enchantment $0.78
4 Enchantment $0.16
3 Enchantment $0.36
This is what I believe to be a pretty unique build for a scepter-chant deck.  That combo is well known (gives a soft lock on opponent), but most are multi-colored.  A lot of the synergy in this one is my own design.  It intends pretty muich entirely on that combo, thought there are other aspets, like story circle, that can also drag things out pretty significantly without hitting the combo.  win conditions are sparse, but usually sufficient.  Decking the opponent either with angel's crace on the scepter, just by casting grace for a couple extra turns, or just depending on the opponent using some fetch lands is also an option.  Tied with my burn, I would guess that this is probably my second most competitive.
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