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It's possible to create folders in your deck listing structure; would it work for your needs to create an "Archive" folder, and put decks in there (as "Ideas", so they don't count against your inventory)?


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Hi there! I have a trade dispute that I opened back on 13 April (Dispute #1459), with the notice that the other participant has until 20 April to respond. We're now well past that and I've pinged the support staff twice with messages within that ticket, but have seen no response. So, trying here on the off-chance this will get it some more notice.

Is there a significant backlog of disputes that are being processed? Or did this one fall through the cracks to get followed-up on?


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Solseek wrote:

Thanks, Sebi!

Also, on the low-priority spectrum, I believe there's going to be 9 versions of the double-faced helper cards.

Currently, you have #7 listed along with the tokens, and #1 is viewable here: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/a … 2020-09-10

Yes, I got four different ones from my Prerelease kit pulls:

They have numbers "N/9", as opposed to the other "extras" that have "N/12" numbering, so probably will need a separate category, like "art cards"?


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zga wrote:

In your Inventory, you can check multiple rows. 'Card Actions > Remove Selected' removes those rows from the Tradelist AND your inventory. I believe this is the functionality you're looking for, yeah?

That removes ALL copies of that card, which is not often what I am needing. That can be useful if you no longer have any of the card left, but if you had three copies and you only traded away one, that's not the action you'd need.


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I see there was one post from several years ago on this idea, but haven't seen anything else since:

When I'm bulk-adding cards to my inventory/tradelist on Deckbox, the "MTG Database > Editions" interface is quite nice (since I sort my trade bins by set, and then by collector number). But what is the most efficient way to bulk-remove cards? For the situation where I make a big trade on a different site, and need to remove them from my tradelist on Deckbox, the best interface I've found for that at the moment is the "MTG Collection > Tradelist" interface, using the "Add Cards" interface to search for the card one-by-one and removing one card from the list.

But that can be tedious since I need to tick down the "Inventory" and the "for trade" number. And there's no UI element for "delete this row" if there's only one card of that type (you have to type in zeroes and apply it). For adding cards there's a bulk text box import option, or when making a deck there's the option to both add them to the deck and to your inventory, which is a good way to spot check a batch of cards coming in (did I accurately import 28 cards, or did I mess up and only import 27, skipping some card?).

How do you do bulk removals from your inventory/tradelist through the Deckbox UI?


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I've got a conversion library over at https://gitlab.com/MidnightLightning/mtg-harmonizer that might help. That set of scripts uses the MTGJSON library to harmonize between different M:tG inventory sites. The most well-maintained is Deckbox-to-CardSphere as that's the one I primarily use, but if you have other patches to add, I'd be happy to merge them in!

So, "Old School 95" is a thing? I have a bunch of cards from that era, but I'm not so nostalgic for that time, so I'd be happy to trade/sell them away. I have at least 12" of commons/uncommons from Revised, Ice Age, Fourth Edition, and Chronicles, plus some Fallen Empires and Homelands. I'd be happy to swap with them in bulk!

Things I'm more interested in are anything with a type-line of "Dragon", or pieces for EDH deck ideas I have (currently blue/green +1/+1 counter-manipulating cards from Ravnica Allegiance are highest priorities).


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If this is now a strict match, and there's no way to indicate for the "Trading Opportunities" page that you want to see "non-strict matches", I think that will skew the results quite a bit. For most of my wants, I'd be okay with a foiled version, so I just left the "is foiled" option unset. But now all those foiled matches will not show up at all in the "Trading Opportunities" page. Yes, for an individual trader I could switch to "relaxed matching" on their profile page, but now there's no way for me to know to go to their page to look for it.

I think that in the same way that there's a "no set specified" option for cards in your wishlist, the "foil" option needs to be three way: "don't care", "yes", and "no", to accurately represent what the user wants.

Otherwise, the only way I see to represent the fact that I want "either a foiled or unfoiled version" is to add the card to my wishlist twice, once with foil set and once without, and then know to go modify my wishlist when I get either of them, so I don't end up with more than I wanted.


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Sent you a trade request!


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Bump on this one; anyone have a few spare oversize sleeves?


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I have two oversized commander cards I'd like to sleeve, but buying a pack of oversized sleeves just to use two seems a bit overkill. Anyone else have a few spare oversized sleeves from a pack you bought you'd be willing to trade for?


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or if you could tell me how to list cards for sale on the marketplace that would be a great help too

To list cards for sale on Deckbox, you need to first activate your "Seller Account"; go to https://deckbox.org/seller_account, and go through the steps from there. Once your seller account is active, then the UI will update to let you set prices on individual cards, or there's a quick pricing tool in the upper-right tools menu for quick-pricing your whole tradelist.

I may take you up on that; I make art with damaged cards (like these magnets). Is the wear on these cards mostly frayed corners and dinged borders? If that's the case and the art's still intact, I'd have a use for them!

As part of a bulk buy, I'm now the proud owner of over a hundred Phantom Beasts and Plummets from Magic 2011 (M11), so I'm giving them away! Want a random act of MTG? Send me a message if either those interest you and experience the joy of receiving a decorated piece of cardobard in the mail! big_smile