In the "Introductory Two-Player Set" edition page, only one version of each basic land is listed:
- Forest v2
- Island v1
- Mountain v1
- Plains v2
- Swamp v3
Would it be possible to add the other ones too?

Also, I have noticed that "Scryb Sprites" is listed at the end with #67. Is there a reason for this?

By the way, I also noticed the "Quick Rivals Set" was missing (https://www.magiclibrarities.net/628-ra … index.html), it's a lot alike the Two-Player Set but still a little bit different in the card listing (and quantities).

Thanks a lot!

FYI, the line merge as intended when I do the following:
- I am in QuickAdd mode, then everything goes fine, whatever I try to do
- I am not in QuickAdd mode, then if I click multiple times on "Add new row" before clicking on "Save", rows are not merged. I have to add another row and click "Save" again for them to merge or use the "+"/"-" buttons or directly edit the number of cards in the green box.

The correct behavior only happens when I click "Save" somewhere in the middle of my inventory listing and I add rows afterwards (or use other features to add cards than "Add new row". To summarize: if the last action I do is "Save" and I only used the "Add new row" button, then nothing is merged.

I suppose the QuickAdd mode does an action similar to "Add new row" + "Save" so it works everytime.

I still have the double lines when I do:
- "Add Card"
- then for the same card "Add new row"
- "Save"

However, if I use the "+"/"-" buttons, the rows are merged as intended.

Interesting, it looks like the bug I triggered this week-end, at least I recognize a workflow I had.
However, I tried to reproduce the exact same steps as you but didn't get the same result. But mine was not what I expected either:


Even though I reload the page, I'll see those 2 lines for the same card/expansion/language/condition and they will not merge...

Thanks for your reply sebi!

I think the 3 main bugs I encountered are all at least partly fixed (the 1st one for sure is fixed!): when I use the "Add card" button and I split cards count in the panel and click "save", it still doesn't merge similare cards (same edition/language/condition/special) as it used to do, and if I put "0" as the count and click "save", the "0" line still appears (what I called "ghost" line). I have to search again for the card for it to merge or delete the ghost line.
However it works flawlessly on a card page, using the inventory panel on the left side!

I didn't manage to trigger the duplication again, which is good news, so it seems to be only cosmetic now, but can lead to errors when entering many cards of the same type.


Since it seems the right place for it:

Missing "The Dark" in Italian printing (L'Oscurita) :

Double-sided tokens for AKH/HOU:
https://deckbox.org/forum/viewtopic.php … 14#p123714

It seems I didn't post in the right place, sorry about that


I've added cards to my inventory during the past few days (yesterday night included) and I noticed some annoying bugs which are related to the ones other people have already talked about. I usually add cards using the "Add card" button, entering the card name, pressing "Enter", but this doesn't really matter here.

Note: some of the bugs I have noticed over the past few days might already have been fixed, I admit I haven't checked if there were all fixed already, and took notes every time I encountered something weird. So if they are, just skip it, and sorry smile

The main bugs I encountered were:

  • using the "Set editor", I tried to add Plains to some edition. Not willing to click 20 times the "+" button, I clicked on the green box to directly add 20 elements in the Inventory Widget. I could see one line per expansions I already own Plains for, but no expansion symbol were visible. I decided to "Add new row" and add my new Plains. The result was quite interesting: ALL the Plains in my inventory were converted to the expansion I tried to add Plains to! (yes, that is a lot). [note: it seems to have been fixed over the week-end]

  • a few hours later when I started over counting and adding Plains, I used the "+" button for each one, sometime having to correct my mistakes (adding 5 instead of 4 for instance) by going to the card page, inventory widget and then clicking the "-" button or changing the amount directly in the green box. But this didn't go well either: it sometimes (I did reproduce it but not on purpose) multiplicated the number of cards I had, because it somewhat duplicated the row in the inventory widget: for instance, if I had 7 Plains, the next time I reloaded the page or the inventory widget, I would have 14, then 21, etc. It's like the lines wouldn't merge and it created duplicates everywhere.

  • I also had the bug (already reported) of the "ghost" lines with 0 cards (which was very annoying too). To make them disappear from the Inventory widget/"add card" page, I had to fully reload it (F5) and then enter my card name again. Only clicking on "Save & Close" and then re-entering the card name hadn't any effect.

I have also a few other things to report, which seem to be malfunctioning for some time now:

  • The "+"/"-" buttons is a neat idea, however the button is so small and so close to either the "Split" one or the other "+"/"-" of the other boxes (wishlist/tradelist) that it it difficult to use it efficiently. Moreover, it sometimes "lags" when I click multiple times on it, resulting in the wrong amount of cards being added (do you make a query to the db every time someone clicks?).

  • As a consequence, the "Split" button is most of the time difficult to click, since the cursor will trigger the "+" button of the inventory (I use Firefox)

  • There is a weird (cosmetic) behavior when you add cards from the inventory page: the order of the cards with the same name is not fixed, obviously because they must be saved in a data structure which doesn't allow sorting. Just click "Add cards", type any name (I have turned "QuickAdd Mode" off) and click repeatedly on "Save": you'll see cards with the same name being sorted differently every time you click smile. This has no consequence on the integrity of the data, but it's funny (and well, if you can fix it and sort cards by condition descending for instance ?).

  • When you hover over expansion symbols in the inventory, there is no infotip telling you what expansion it is. This is a little bit annoying for "generic" expansion symbol (the red thing) which is used for things like "Foreign Black Bordered" or "Collector's Edition" for instance.

  • Why don't you offer to sort the "add card" widget by expansion (and then by set number and then condition)? It's currently sorted by date of last modification descending and it's quite annoying when you are trying to find out what card you are missing in you basic lands inventory when you have like 100 rows big_smile

  • When selecting an expansion for a card, why not putting the "default setting" on top of the list? For instance, if I want to add "Plains version 1" from Amonkhet, I set the default settings to Amonkhet, then click "add new row". I now want to add "Plains version 2" from Amonkhet: I click again on "add new row" which adds me the version 1 (which is normal), I then click on the expansion symbol and the list I'm proposed is sorted chronologically, TBD first and I have to type "am" to get to Amonkhet again.

  • Would it be possible/feasible to add a "-" button on the set page? I know there are some constraints like "what if the user has set the defaults as "AKH - English - Foil" and there are no cards matching this?

By the way, I've been using Deckbox for a few years now (I guess 6?) and to me it is still the easiest and most comprehensive (and independant!) site around, and thank you very much for your work smile



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Sorry, I'm replying to my own post, don't know if it's in the correct section of the forum. "The Dark" in Italian was exactly like Legends: a different printing than its English counterpart with full translation.
Since "Leggende" is considered a separate set on Deckbox, it would be legitimate for "L'Oscurita" to be one too!
By the way, it was released *before* the Legends translation but apparently only by a short amount of time (http://www.magiclibrarities.net/sets-ol … sions.html says 1995 for both, but that's only the copyright at the bottom of the cards I guess). MKM says 1st of January for both sets, if there is any Italian Magic fan here and who bought booster packs at the time has the info, please tell us smile.



eternallostboy0425 wrote:

There is also an Insect // Sacred Cat double sided token from Amonkhet

Actually there are many double-sided tokens for AKH/HOU :


  • Angel of Sanctions (1/25) / Drake (18/25)

  • Anointer Priest (2/25) / Drake (18/25)

  • Aven Initiate (3/25) / Snake (23/25)

  • Aven Wind Guide (4/25) / Hippo (22/25)

  • Glyph Keeper (5/25) / Warrior (17/25)

  • Heart-Piercer Manticore (6/25) / Warrior (17/25)

  • Honored Hydra (7/25) / Warrior (17/25)

  • Labyrinth Guardian (8/25) / Insect (19/25)

  • Labyrinth Guardian (8/25) / Warrior (17/25)

  • Oketra's Attendant (9/25) / Beast (21/25)

  • Sacred Cat (10/25) / Insect (19/25)

  • Tah-Crop Skirmisher (11/25) / Cat (16/25)

  • Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun (12/25) / Zombie (20/25)

  • Trueheart Duelist (13/25) / Zombie (20/25)

  • Trueheart Duelist (13/25) / Snake (23/25)

  • Unwavering Initiate (14/25) / Wurm (24/25)

  • Vizier of Many Faces (15/25) / Zombie (20/25)

  • Emblem - Gideon (25/25) / Zombie (20/25)

And for HOU:

  • Adorned Pouncer (1/12) / Horse (10/12)

  • Adorned Pouncer (1/12) / Warrior (17/25 - AKH expansion symbol)

  • Champion of Wits (2/12) / Insect (12/12)

  • Champion of Wits (2/12) / Warrior (17/25 - AKH expansion symbol)

  • Dreamstealer (3/12) / Insect (12/12)

  • Dreamstealer (3/12) / Warrior (17/25 - AKH expansion symbol)

  • Earthshaker Khenra (4/12) / Cat (16/25 - AKH expansion symbol)

  • Earthshaker Khenra (4/12) / Zombie (20/25 - AKH expansion symbol)

  • Proven Combatant (5/12) / Cat (16/25 - AKH expansion symbol)

  • Proven Combatant (5/12) / Zombie (20/25 - AKH expansion symbol)

  • Resilient Khenra (6/12) / Cat (16/25 - AKH expansion symbol)

  • Resilient Khenra (6/12) / Zombie (20/25 - AKH expansion symbol)

  • Sinuous Striker (7/12) / Cat (16/25 - AKH expansion symbol)

  • Sinuous Striker (7/12) / Zombie (20/25 - AKH expansion symbol)

  • Steadfast Sentinel (8/12) / Cat (16/25 - AKH expansion symbol)

  • Steadfast Sentinel (8/12) / Zombie (20/25 - AKH expansion symbol)

  • Sunscourge Champion (9/12) / Cat (16/25 - AKH expansion symbol)

  • Sunscourge Champion (9/12) / Zombie (20/25 - AKH expansion symbol)

  • Horse (10/12) / Warrior (17/25 - AKH expansion symbol)

  • Horse (10/12) / Zombie (20/25 - AKH expansion symbol)

  • Snake (11/12) / Warrior (17/25 - AKH expansion symbol)

  • Snake (11/12) / Zombie (20/25 - AKH expansion symbol)

  • Insect (12/12) / Warrior (17/25 - AKH expansion symbol)

  • Insect (12/12) / Zombie (20/25 - AKH expansion symbol)

  • Insect (12/12) / Zombie (20/25 - AKH expansion symbol)

Should all these be added to the db? If not how should I add them to my inventory?

Thanks for you hard work!

Hi there,
I've noticed that the Dark Italian edition ("L'Oscurita") is missing from the list of editions, while Leggende (Italian Legends) is there.
It has the same exact cards as The Dark, but in Italian smile

Would it be possible to add it?