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So I'm just curious and maybe just missing something, but is there a way for deckbox to give you a count of distinct card you own, only, regardless of edition? For example, right now in Inventory, it considers "Abbey Gargoyles' as three separate entries - Two for the different art in Homelands, and one for fifth edition. This is fine, but is there any way to have that show up as one entry, like it does on the main Card Database search tab? Curious to know how many different cards I have.

Thank you to anyone who knows, if it's possible. smile

Re: Unique Card Count?

It's not possible within Deckbox, but if you don't mind doing a little work for it, then there IS a way.

1. Export your current inventory to CSV (under the Tools menu).

2. Copy that CSV file, and clearly label the file you want to remain unchanged as the original.

3. Open the copy (the one that's not marked "original") in Excel, or a similar CSV editing program.

4. Delete the entire Edition column and Card Number column. If you also want to consider e.g. a foil Pacifism and a non-foil Pacifism as a single unique card, then also delete the Foil column. Same for Language, Condition, etc. Basically, get rid of any column that you don't want making a difference in uniqueness.

5. Excel sometimes makes it seem tricky to save the file. If you press Ctrl+S or hit the Save icon, it'll ask you to confirm, stating you may lose features if you keep it in CSV format. Answer "Yes" obviously. But then when you try to close Excel, it'll again ask you if you want to save it, as if it's unsaved. Have no fear, though. If you saved it and clicked "Yes" earlier, then it's saved, and you can answer "Don't save" to this second dialog.

6. Back on Deckbox, choose to "Remove Everything" from the Tools menu. Don't worry -- that's why we kept an "original" copy of your CSV inventory earlier, so you can restore it.

7. Go to Add Cards > From a CSV File, choose the edited CSV file, and import. Deckbox should merge all the duplicate rows, such as the 3 rows for Abbey Gargoyles. Congratulations! Now the "distinct" count at the top of your inventory will show how many unique cards you have, regardless of edition or anything else you got rid of.

8. To get your old inventory back, just repeat steps 6 and 7, selecting the original CSV this time.

Not ideal, obviously, and hopefully Deckbox may implement more statistical info like that in the future, but at least it IS possible if you really want to find out.  smile

Re: Unique Card Count?

meldon44's way is more complicated than it needs to be, I think, and this method does all the work in Excel - no need to delete your inventory, re-import it, etc.

1. Export your current inventory to CSV.

2. Open that CSV file in Excel and remove everything but the name column.

3. Select that column by clicking on the column header.

4. Go to Data --> Filter (Advanced). Excel may give you a dialog box - click "OK," which is simply telling Excel you want to use the first row as the header (this row should say "Name," from the CSV file.)

5. In the Advanced Filter box, click "Copy to another location," make sure the list range is correct (i.e., it contains all the cells that contain the card names), and then in the Copy To, just put a reference to the first cell of another column where you want Excel to output the cleaned-up data. For instance, D1 will result in all the data being put into column D.

6. Lastly, make sure to click the checkbox for "Unique Records Only." Then click OK.

This should remove any duplicate names from your list, and then you can see how many you have.

Re: Unique Card Count?

yearofglad wrote:

meldon44's way is more complicated than it needs to be, I think, and this method does all the work in Excel - no need to delete your inventory, re-import it, etc.

This is true! I only suggested it the way I did because I assumed he'd end up wanting to filter / sort / tinker with his inventory on Deckbox while looking at only unique card names. If he doesn't and truly just wants a quick "count" for amusement's sake, then the method you suggest will definitely be better!

While I personally love doing all my inventory work within Excel, I know a lot of people don't, so I tend to err on the side of not mentioning too many advanced Excel features.

Re: Unique Card Count?

Thank you both very much! smile