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Main Deck - 61 cards, 21 distinct
Name  Type Classes Edition
Hero (3)
2 Kel'Thuzad Master Hero - Lich Hunter       Scourgewar
1 Shaii, Strategist Supreme Hero - Night Elf Hunter   Drums of War
Weapon (4)
4 Envoy of Mortality Weapon - Gun   Naxxramas
Ally (8)
2 "Chipper" Ironbane Ally - Dwarf Warrior Through the Dark Portal
4 Mothra Ally - Moth   Wrathgate
2 Pappy Ironbane Ally - Dwarf Warrior Blood of Gladiators
Ability (31)
2 Explosive Shot Instant Ability - Survival Talent   Wrathgate
4 Eyes of the Beast Ability - Beast Mastery   Wrathgate
4 Feign Death Instant Ability - Survival   Servants of The Betrayer
3 Ice Trap Instant Ability - Survival   Hunt for Illidan
4 Lightning Reflexes Instant Ability - Survival Talent   Through the Dark Portal
4 Planned Assault Instant Ability - Survival   Fields of Honor
4 Snipe Instant Ability - Marksmanship   Drums of War
4 Survival Instincts Ability - Survival Talent   Servants of The Betrayer
2 Thrill of the Hunt Instant Ability - Survival Talent   March of The Legion
Quest (11)
2 Against the Illidari Quest Hunt for Illidan
2 Crown of the Earth Quest Through the Dark Portal
2 Forces of Jaedenar Quest March of The Legion
2 Gahz'ridian Quest Fires of Outland
3 Information Gathering Quest Servants of The Betrayer
Location (4)
4 Darnassus Location - City Drums of War
Sideboard - 0 cards, 0 distinct
No cards here. :(

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  • Santi Núñez (16-Aug-2010 14:54)

    The combo is: Darnassus + Mothra + eyes of the best, the rest of the deck is just for survive till combo