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Main Deck - 62 cards, 14 distinct
Name  Type Classes Edition
Hero (1)
1 Kil'zin of the Bloodscalp Hero - Troll Shaman   Servants of The Betrayer
Armor (3)
3 Ar'tor's Mainstay Armor - Mail    Hunt for Illidan
Ally (20)
20 Sunseeker Astromage Ally - Blood Elf Mage Traitor Servants of The Betrayer
Ability (25)
4 Death Shock Instant Ability - Traitor   Servants of The Betrayer
3 Earth Shock Instant Ability - Elemental   Fires of Outland
4 Elements' Fury Ability - Elemental   March of The Legion
2 Fork Lightning Ability - Elemental   Blood of Gladiators
4 Lightning Arc Ability - Elemental   Hunt for Illidan
4 Lightning Bolt Ability - Elemental   Heroes of Azeroth
4 Storm Shock Instant Ability - Elemental   Servants of The Betrayer
Quest (10)
4 Dr. Boom! Quest Servants of The Betrayer
3 Forces of Jaedenar Quest March of The Legion
3 The Fel and the Furious Quest Hunt for Illidan
Location (3)
3 The Circle of Blood Location - Arena Blood of Gladiators
Sideboard - 0 cards, 0 distinct
No cards here. :(

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